Welcome to CashIdea! These Terms of Service apply to your use of the CashIdea ("CashIdea," "we," or "us") online interfaces and properties, including the CashIdea mobile applications. These Terms are a legal agreement and your use of CashIdea's Services constitutes your acceptance of the Terms contained herein and CashIdea incorporated herein by reference. You must register and accept these terms in order to use the Services. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not use the Services or any other services provided by CashIdea. BY REGISTERING FOR AND USING THE SERVICES, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS AND ALL POLICIES AND GUIDELINES INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE. This Terms of Service may change from time to time with or without notice.

Basic Information
CashIdea is providing User with the service via mobile application, User must provide all equipment necessary for their own internet connection, including computer and modem, provide for user access to internet, and pay any  fees related with such connection.

Security and password
You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account. You may not transfer or share your account with anyone. Our personnel will never ask you for your password.

CashIdea’s coin is a virtual coin which is used only in CashIdea. With CashIdea coin you are allowed to exchange the coin to the listed reward in the application. CashIdea’s coin shall not be sold outside the application and may not be used to other application.

Termination of use
When using CashIdea, the following actions are prohibited our Terms of Service and your account will get banned or deleted permanently and all your earning coins including requested item will be voided with or without notice once we find out: a) Fraudulent use of VPN, proxy or any other applications or program which enable fraudulent earning coins. b) Use of multiple accounts on one device. c) Use of multiple devices with one account. d) Hack of your device or our server to edit data. e) Also, any other actions that we consider that are fraudulent and might harm the rights and benefits of CashIdea and the users of it.
We are not obligated to return either the account, earning coins, items of the banned or deleted user who engaged actions we prohibit or consider fraud.
Exchage Reward
The Exchange reward is PayPal cash. User will pay tax or fee of exchange reward if necessary. Make sure the paypal account provided is correct and valid, CashIdea will not be responsible if the reward is not delivered to user PayPal’s account due to incorrect information. The reward will be sent within 14 business day.

Force Majeure
CashIdea will not be liable or responsible to you, nor be deemed to have defaulted or breached these Terms, for any failure or delay in its performance under these Terms when and to the extent such failure or delay is caused by or results from acts or circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including, without limitation, Nature disaster, governmental actions, war, riot or other civil unrest.

Liability Limitations
CashIdea and it’s representatives have liability limitations as for the application content, communication and conduct. We bear no responsibility for the following situations: a) incorrect or inaccurate data appeared on the app as well as any programming or equipment errors which can influence the app works. b) error or failures of software and hardware, internet traffic or phone lines connection. c) third party unauthorized intervention into the app working process. d) humat or technical errors in account credits operations and administrations. e) damage or loss to human or property caused directly or indirectly by the usage or misusage of the application.

All users using CashIdea app and service as it is with no guarantees implied or expressed. Your usage of the app resources is to be performed at your own risk and discretion. Any damage or loss that made to your mobile phone or data while using the application is your solely responsibility.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Terms of Service, contact us at